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Noreen Watanabe

Noreen has managed small businesses, and worked in large corporate offices doing customer relations, and also been a caregiver. She has always been interested in art and taught for 8 years instructing 'under served' students in public schools for an outreach art program with the local museum and volunteers annually for the Honolulu Police Department's Christmas party, for severely disabled students at an elementary school. She is also a portrait and pet painter, loves figure drawing and does watercolors, sculpts in ceramics and makes jewelry, all of which she sells. She has lots of experience with many different cultures, ages and working with people.


Noreen has a gallery of over 300 designs; characters, and symbols. You can show her something you like and be surprised. The service that Noreen provides is as unique as she is. She entertains and educates, as well as fascinates with a myriad of designs to delight and dazzle the eye. She can provide a theme that will complement your celebration, or you and your guests can choose from hundreds of designs, or you can show her what you want, no matter what your age!

Noreen uses FDA approved skin safe paints and does henna as well as faux henna. New designs all the time!! She paints to please and is pleased to paint!

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