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Over 300 Designs!!!

facepainthawaii sample
  • Our goal is to have happy participants, hosts and guests 


  • Only the highest quality non-toxic FDA approved face paints and products are used and can be easily removed with soap and water, although sometimes people find it as an excuse not to bathe!  


  • Depending on complexity, many times, there are those who want more than one. Those who haven't had a chance will get priority. It helps if the emcee announces the time the service will be provided. If lots of participants want more, a discount will be applied.

  • If the child is wiggly, we gently remind them in a fun way about wiggling and squiggling and getting the best result. Artist has taught for over 8 years in elementary schools and can put the children at ease.


  • Over 300 designs are available or artist can improvise with a design you have. Show me what you've got!


  • Not just for faces, not just for kids. Many adults participate, so guests of all ages are welcome. Some use it as a removable test for a real tattoo or to fool their friends. Fun for all ages!


  • Fun to share yours with your friends!

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